How do I sign up?

Click connect my wallet at the top right and sync a Metamask wallet.

How do I set up my profile?

Click the top right where you synced your wallet and select profile or settings to upload a profile pic, banner, your bio, and links to social media.

How do I see NFTs on my profile?

At the top right click your profile and under “my collections” it will show all the NFTs available from your metamask wallet.

Can I use NFTs from OpenSea or other marketplaces?

Yes, we are integrated with OpenSea and the NFTs under “my collection” can be NFTs purchased from OpenSea.

Enter the Metaverse

How do I enter SandStorm’s social hub in the metaverse?

Check out this video on our YouTube channel here.

How do I buy land in the metaverse?

Check out this video on our YouTube channel here.

Buy and Sell NFTs

How do I sell an NFT on SandStorm?

There are 3 ways to sell NFTs on SandStorm:

1. Create your own NFT by clicking “create” on the top navigation and follow the inputs to mint on the ethereum and polygon blockchains.

2. List an NFT from your metamask wallet under “My Collections” in the profile page.

3. Contact us to come on a live show and share your NFT with the world.

How do I buy an NFT on SandStorm?

As a content creator you can add unlockable content to your collectibles that can be visible only after the transfer of ownership.

There are two ways to buy NFTs on Sandstorm:

1. You can place a bid after going to the NFT of your choice.

2. You can buy NFTs that have been listed with a fixed purchase price.

Can I purchase with a credit card?

YES! Using our credit card partner you can purchase up to $500 per week using your credit card. Simply click your profile at the top right hand corner and click “adds funds with visa”


What are the fees on SandStorm?

In addition to Ethereum gas fees, our platform service fees change regularly but will never exceed 2.5%. The platform fees depend heavily on our guests that showcase on the SandStorm streams each week but normally they are consistent at between a 2% and 2.5% service fee.

An example of a lower service fee: a guest comes onto the sandstorm stream on a Friday and to motivate the community they will cover the cost of fees for 24 hours on the SandStorm platform reducing them platform-wide to 2% or 1%.


Is the SandStorm platform decentralized?

We are a platform that facilitates transactions between a buyer and a seller through auctions using 3rd party wallet extensions (metamask) We ARE NOT a broker, financial institution, or creditor. We DO NOT custody user’s assets on the platform or hold any private keys being bought and sold by users. All transactions are entirely between the buyer and seller using 3rd party wallet extensions so please do your research.

The Sandbox

Can my SandStorm NFTs be listed on The Sandbox?

Our integration with The Sandbox is ongoing and The Sandbox is still in development.


Can my NFTs from SandStorm be used in Decentraland?

YES. Supporting glTF file formats is on our roadmap (GL Transmission Format). If an NFT is in your Metamask wallet you should be able to use it in Decentraland.