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DCL Builders contest #2 - A Blip in Time
Total Budget: 5000.0 MATIC

THEME: A Blip in Time

You must develop an iconic invention from any period in time (e.g. the wheel, printing press, pyramids, clock, guillotine, boat, car, lightbulb, flight, etc.)

However, pay close attention to detail for the time period you choose. You want to try to depict the item in its most originally form – if you choose a boat, you shouldn’t build a modern-day speedboat. It should be representative of the first boats ever made)

Animate the object for its intended use (4second minimum)


Fill out the form + submit a bid until the 9th of September, at 23:59 PM UTC



1. Fill out this form:

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Submission must be deployable on a 1x1 parcel scene with the following constraints:
- Height limit: 20m
- File Size: 15mb
- Poly Count: 10000

Note: Judges will be reviewing Builder Contest #1 submissions this week and we will be making announcements shortly after that!


Number of Bids: 19
Minimum Bid: 0.01 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 5000.0 MATIC
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