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Nifty League - Bull Riding Scene with Tribe Avatars For The Sandbox
Total Budget: 1000.0 MATIC
Remaining Budget: 990.0 MATIC

Nifty League is bringing competitive gaming to Web3 while offering fun and engaging games for all play styles. We’re ready for gamers from across the metaverse to create awesome assets on SandStorm!

Deliverables - Asset creation + Animation:
- 6 Avatars to represent each Nifty League tribe (Ape, Alien, Cat, doge, frog, human)
- 1 Bull Riding Scene/Arena

More details on the Bull riding Scene/Area:
Style: arcade game
Arena size: 256 x 256 x 256 voxels dimension
The bull + riding avatar need to be animated to make the scene more lively:
- animation of the bull ride in general (different movements)
- animation of the character falling off

All bids must have a completed level 2 SandStorm profile to be eligible.

Number of Bids: 8
Minimum Bid: 10.0 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 1000.0 MATIC
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